Our Mission

Tankos provides a variety of innovative organic beauty solutions, and all our products are extracted by innovative technology and natural extraction. We believe that a healthy, organic lifestyle not only applies to what we eat but also, what we apply to our faces and bodies, since proven that skin absorbs the essence and nutrition directly. In fact, human being is obligated to take care of ourselves and our earth.

Our business philosophy of living is “Using the limited resources to achieve the unlimited goal”, but according to the technology development, harmful chemical and substances are increasing gradually, and the pollution problems are getting worse. As a global family, we are good to ourselves but also be kind to the earth. Thus all our products are protecting the ecosystem in the earth and environmental protected. With “healthy skin needs natural care” concept, we have identified most of our products should be environmental friendly and follow the healthy philosophy, bringing the natural and organic skin care to everyone, in order to achieve the eternal natural beauty.